weightlifting equipment



weightlifting equipment


Cobra-GX launched in 2021 as new brand of weightlifting equipment.

Our products are manufactured 100% in the UE – don’t worry about quality.

You won’t find hundreds of different options on our shop. We focus on providing the best possible equipment, that will last for many years or even a lifetime. You don’t need anything but basic safety knowledge to be able to implement daily exercise into your day.

Save time and money. Invest in your health and build muscles at your own place, without the eyes focused on you.

Our goal is to provide the possibility of a hassle-free exercise at home. The purchase of the set is a one-time operation, and the equipment will be useful all the time.

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Must-have barbell. We provide olympic ones, described on product page.

Rotatian system: Copper bushing
Knurling: Dual Knurl



Olympic bumper plates designed with emphasis on maximum comfort for both professionals and home users, made of SRB rubber granules.

From 99

Gym Floor.

Depending on your preferences and where you exercise, you may need a mat. All of our gym floors are olympic sizes (100×100 cm each). All you need to worry about is colour and needed m2.

25 for m2

Set Completed?

Have you picked everything you need? It is worth mentioning, that completing full set (barbell and set of 100 kg) gives you one 1,5cm Gym Floor for FREE. Just add it to your cart and use Code: “FullSet” during checkout.

If you have any questions, feel free to scroll down into contact section.

Still not sure?


If you have any questions regarding to our products, you can mail us directly on address below or use prepared form, which is much faster and pretty same in effect.